Autumn 2 week 6


As the Christmas holidays approach, we are this week recognising Elwood and Freddie for their brilliant behaviour in class. They have shown high levels of behaviour in lessons and during rehearsals for our Christmas performance. Well done to both of you.

Note from teacher:

Phew! Year 2 have completed all their Christmas performances and what a fantastic job they did. I’m extremely proud of all of them and want to say a big thank you for all the work you have put in, as parents, preparing costumes and helping your children to practise their lines.

Autumn 2 Projects

Some of you have been asking about the children’s projects. Firstly, I appreciate how busy everyone has been and the children do not need to present anything spectacular. They can read a poem or show a picture they have drawn. Anything to give¬† them the opportunity to improve their presenting skills. This is the list of possible ideas. We’ll be presenting projects throughout the week, children can bring them in as and when they are ready.

Home Project Suggestions

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