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25th September 2019

Hello Year 4, This week we’ve enjoyed learning to speak about ourselves in French and we have planned, drafted and edited our Greek Myths. Next week, we will be learning about poetry and multiplication facts. Here is your homework due 2nd October 2019: Homework due 2nd October 2019 Hope you have a lovely first Autumn […]


We have had a busy week in Reception exploring our resources, getting ready for PE and starting our phonics sessions. In Maths we have been looking at numbers to 10 and in Literacy we have been writing our names. Next week we will be starting our new ‘Colour’ topic and there will be activities based […]

19th September 2019

Hello Year 4, Time is flying and we are learning lots of things. This week, we have learnt about subordinating conjunctions and mental calculation strategies! We have also discussed what we know about sound and conducted a sound survey. Here is your homework due 25th September 2019: Homework due 25th September Remember to practise your […]

20th September 2019

Welcome to Year 4! Hello, we hope you have settled in quickly and you are enjoying Year 4. First of all, we want to thank you for your support. It has been great to see the enthusiasm and cheerfulness of our pupils who come in every morning full of energy and ready to learn. This first […]

Friday 20th September

It’s been a busy week, learning about different writing techniques, falling down the rabbit hole which leads to the land of negative numbers. Nothing is as it seems in the world of Negative numbers – a bit like physics is the world a globe, and we use evidence to prove that it is? We certainly tried to […]

Friday, 20th September 2019

Congratulations to Zoe and Ruben who have been elected by vote to be our school councillors in year 3! (Apologies to Ruben, apparently there has been an editing mistake)   Here are the spellings for this week: Handwriting Practice – Cursive Maths: What is 100 more and 100 less than these numbers: 585, 501, 392, […]

Friday 20th September

Good afternoon! Here is this week’s homework: Mysterious Story Starters Week 2 Understanding Number Week 2 Spellings – Week 2 We’ve had another lovely week! In literacy we’ve worked on lots of grammar techniques which we could add to our mysterious story starters, including active and passive sentences, tell and show sentences and speech punctuation. […]


Hello and welcome to our blog, this is where you will find out about what we’ve been up to in Reception. It has been a busy few weeks in Reception with everyone settling in and getting to know each other. All of the children have settled into school life well and are enjoying exploring our […]

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