"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"

Good afternoon everyone! This week we have travelled in time again and visited the hill forts built in the Iron Age, we have discovered some fossils and learned about the work of paleontologists and we talked about Jesus’ first miracle at a wedding in the city of Cana. For English homework this week the children […]

31st January 2020

A month into the new year already! Doesn’t the time fly? First a reminder to bring in your aprons or clean T-Shirts on Monday as we are baking scones – or if you prefer the other pronunciation: scones. We have had an exciting week, what with our visit from PCSO Webb, and the beginning of […]

Week of 27th January 2020

We continued with our number bonds to twenty this week. We worked hard on different strategies we can use to make a number bond to twenty. The most popular strategies we used were: using number lines, number grids, fast recall of number bonds to 10 and using reversals such as 12 + 8  =20 so […]

Friday 31st January

Hello! Here is this week’s homework: Classic Fiction Week 1 – Matilda Extract Classic Fiction Week 1 – Comprehension Questions LMC Week 3 Spellings – Week 13 This week we started a brand new unit of fiction in literacy, writing about a first day of school based on the classic children’s story, ‘Cider With Rosie’. […]

Spring 1 Week 4

Hello Year 4, This week, we are learning about story settings exploring sample texts and using descriptive language. We are also learning about decimal numbers and place value. We will continue exploring changes of state and investigate how temperature affects these processes. Next week, we will explore ways to enrich our story setting writing skills […]


This is our last week of our ‘Pirate’ topic and the children have enjoyed making their own telescopes and dressing up in our pirate costumes. On Monday we talked about Chinese New Year and the children had an opportunity to make their own dragons. In Maths we have been exploring the capacity resources using water […]

Friday 25th January

WATCH THIS SPACE! COMING SOON, A Frightening, tale of terrific terror. Penned from the quill of a Year 5 author! This week we have been continuing with our Penny Dreadfuls and soon you will have the chance to read an extract or two from them. Not for parents of a nervous disposition! YOU HAVE BEEN […]

Week of 20th January 2020

This week, we got to grips with solving subtraction problems. We explored lots of strategies to solve subtraction sums such as using number lines, number grids, beadstrings, fast recall of number bonds and we even tried regrouping. In computing, we recapped on ways to stay safe online. We had a lovely discussion about the E […]

Friday 24th January

Good afternoon! Here is this week’s homework: Reports Week 3 LMC Week 2 Spellings – Week 12 We’ve had a great week this week! In maths we completed a week of work all about mass and weight, including an investigation about how we could build a replacement Harry Kane armed only with pencil cases! In […]


Dear parents, This week the children have discovered multiplication facts by using bead strings and counters, trying to make as many arrays as possible out of a fixed number of counters. Here are some photos: We are also getting better and better at dancing skills : Spellings of the week:Handwriting Practice – Continuous Cursive Also, […]

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