"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"

Friday 28th February

Good afternoon! Here is this week’s homework: Persuasion Week 1 – Comprehension Text Persuasion Week 1 – Comprehension Questions Shape and Measurement – Week 1 Spellings – Week 14 We’ve had a fantastic International Week learning all about New Zealand! On Monday we used the laptops to research and make NZ presentations using MS Powerpoint,  […]

Week of 24th February 2020

It was wonderful to see everyone well rested and ready to get back into our routines after a lovely half term. This week, we celebrated International Week in school. Each year group chose a country and completed lots of interesting projects. In Year 1, we focused on the African continent and investigated Tanzania. We completed […]


Good afternoon, everyone! It’s been  great and busy week for us, learning new things about Romania. The children have done some research on interesting facts about Romania, they have designed their own posters, they have made their own ‘Martisor’ which is  a very old tradition in Romania and is the symbol of life and energy […]

Friday 28.2.20

Its been an exciting week travelling (metaphorically speaking) around Mongolia. We have learned all these is to learn about Genghis Khan, Throat singing and the wonderful if mysterious Mongolian Death Worm. We have also had a visit from the Police. Year 5 were very active in stopping speeding drivers and giving them a real telling […]

Spring 2 Week 1

Hello Year 4, We are back and working hard this week. We have explored free verse poems and poetic devices while re-writing our own versions. Next week, we will start working on our explanation texts. We have also worked with decimal numbers in calculations with money and explored different ways to solve problems. Next week, […]


Hello and welcome back for the second half of the Spring term. This week is our whole school themed ‘International Week’, in Reception we have been learning about France. We have learnt about some of France’s famous landmark, tried some food and learnt some vocabulary. We will be learning a french song and on Friday […]

Friday 14th February

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’ve had a lovely final week of the half-term! We kicked off with some assessments and I was really impressed with the children’s focus and commitment throughout. Once they were out of the way, we had a wonderful Thursday baking some seriously delicious bread and sharing our projects, which were simultaneously entertaining […]

14th February 2020

Halfway through the year already! It does fly by doesn’t it. I would just like to say a big thank you to Mrs Silver for her help with taking the swimmers to and from Bushey Grove leisure centre. We have had some wonderful projects in for our London Project. For half term everyone has to […]

Week of 10th February 2020

We celebrated ‘Feeling Good’ this week. We had lots of discussions about our Mental Health and we were intrigued to discover how our mental health is how we think, feel and behave in lots of ways. We spoke about how important it is to communicate our feelings and deal with our emotions. We also thought […]


Good afternoon year 3! This week in PSHE we have talked about how amazing each of us is and about our unique abilities and we have practiced appreciating each other by writing a little anonymous note. In science the children have played the game “Escape the Cave” in 5 teams, finding clues by answering questions […]

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