"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"


We have had a lovey last week in year 1 before half term where we did lots of fun activities. In English we created our own story as a class using a repeated phrase, children wrote up their own versions using some of their own ideas and some of them read their stories to the […]

Friday 23rd October

Hello! It’s been a fantastic week and a fantastic first half-term! This week we had the challenge of assessments to contend with and I was really impressed with how much focus and concentration the children showed throughout! We also applied our MS Powerpoint skills creating some brilliant presentations about black history, had a really interesting […]

Friday 23rd October

Hello Everyone, Another half-term gone, and a week off to relax and recuperate. The children certainly deserve it after working so hard all week. We have had discussions around the nature of freedom. We have defied gravity – sort of, using paper palanes. We have created doric columns. We found out about The Windrush and […]

Week of 19th October 2020

What a busy week! We enjoyed winding down this first half-term by doing lots of outdoor activities. We have been embracing the Autumnal weather and we were thrilled to learn about Andy Goldsworthy. He inspired us to make our very own leaf sculptures.    In maths, we tied up a lot of loose ends to […]

Autumn 1 Week 8

Hello Year 4, We have been very busy this week! We are writing our own version of the free verse poem The Magic Box, using poetic devices like repetition, alliteration, onomatopoeia and similes. We have worked hard and have written some top expanded noun phrases to add detail and make the verses more interesting. This […]


Half term is almost here and the children have had a very busy first half term in Reception. They have settled amazingly especially given we are in a middle of a pandemic, something we’ve never experienced before in teaching. They know the routines, behaviours expected and settled well into school life at Hartsbourne. Over the […]

Friday 16th October

Hello! It’s been another terrific week in Year 6! In literacy we drafted, peer marked and published our science fiction stories, all based on ‘The War of the Worlds’! In maths we learned about positive and negative numbers, the correct order of operations and how to solve algebraic equations! In science we investigated whether our […]

Friday 16th October

Another week gone and we’re suddenly approaching half term. Where did the time go? This week we have been looking at metaphors in our stories here is the opening to Sienna’s tale. As the sun beamed down on the flamboyant flowers the busy bees buzzed away. Then, suddenly, the pixies of England put on their […]

Week of 12th October 2020

Despite the chilly weather, we are enjoying and embracing the seasonal changes! With this mind, we excitedly got to grips with lots of Harvest activities and it got us thinking what are grateful for all that we have. We wrote acrostic poems, completed some mindfulness coloring and we made our very own Harvest plates! This […]

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