"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"

Friday 27th November

Hello! It’s been another fantastic week of learning in Year 6! In maths we started a new unit of work all about measurement and statistics, and got busy with our protractors measuring and drawing angles! In science we learned about the theory of natural selection, in geography we wrote about how camels are adapted to […]

Friday 27th November 2020

Hello everyone, Hope you have had a lovely week. We certainly have. We have been looking at writing newspaper reports. Here is an  extract from Zoe’s report: Child is left dangling in the dark on sabotaged Ferris Wheel. Mr. Thurston, owner of Thurston’s fair said: “Never in my forty years in the fair have I […]

Week of 23rd November 2020

What a great week we had! Despite the noticeable chilly and frosty mornings, we greeted our teacher with lovely smiles and such pleasant manners. This week, we took to our laptops and conducted some research about the Great Fire of London. We looked up some fire images and inserted them into our Word documents. We […]


We have done some amazing work in Maths this week. The children have worked so hard at learning their number bonds to 10 and using them in equations. They showed great resilience even when they found the work a bit tricky! The children have also really enjoyed their recent music lessons where they have been […]


This week in year 1 the children have been doing some brilliant learning as well as beginning to work on their Christmas performance! In English we have been writing questions and exploring their use in non-fiction texts. We will soon be ready to write our very own non-fiction text. In Maths we learnt the tricky […]

Friday 20th November

Hello! It’s may have been a cold week, but the fires of learning have been glowing hot in Year 6! In literacy we drafted, peer marked and published our Carrie’s War diaries, which are looking great! In maths we learned how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions, including some tricky mixed numbers! In science […]

Week Beginning – Nov 16th

This week, we continued our work on developing oracy, with a debate about road safety. Should we have speed limits on roads?  After a debate, the children concluded that although driving fast can be fun and gets you to where you are going quicker; it is better to arrive safely, rather than quickly. Also this […]

Week of 16th November 2020

This week we excitedly learned about the Great Fire of London in a lot more detail. We were intrigued to find out about the timeline of events and we got to grips with new vocabulary such as ‘malicious and vicious’ flames.  We were interested in hearing about Samuel Pepys and look forward to hearing more […]


We’ve had another busy week in Reception, we’ve continued with our ‘Light and Dark’ topic. This week we’ve learnt about light sources and explored them, made a lamp,  and explored shadows. In literacy we’ve read a non-fiction book about owls then sorted fiction and non-fiction facts and wrote some labels. In maths we’ve explored 2D […]


Hello! We have had another busy week at school and the children have been hard workers! This week in maths we are exploring problem solving including measures, applying place value and mental strategies. In literacy on Friday we will be planning our newspaper report, prior to that we will be continuing to develop the skills […]

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