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Autumn 2 week 4


This week both Felix and Chase have made several positive contributions to the class. They have shown brilliant behaviour and I would like to recognise them both.


Firstly, both Miss Fitzgerald and I would like to thank you once again for the donations you made towards the smoothie lesson we carried out on Thursday. The lesson was really successful with the children having a thoroughly enjoyable time.

As you’re all well aware we have our trip to Windsor Castle on Tuesday. I will open the classroom door at 8:35. If children could be here at this time it will help us get away at 9:00.  Providing we arrive in good time, we should be able to watch the changing of the guard at 11:00.

The children will be taking part in a workshop all about castles at 11:30 in the Billiards room. The children will be having their lunch in the learning centre within the castle grounds; this is also where the coach will drop and collect from. After lunch we will have time to explore the grounds including Queen Mary’s Doll’s house and St George’s chapel.  We will be departing Windsor Castle at 14:00 and traffic dependent should arrive back around 15:00. If we are running late I will ensure the school is aware and an email sent out.

If you have any last minute queries please try and catch me at the door on Monday.

One last thing; please ensure costumes are in school by Wednesday 4th. To ensure the children have time for some dress rehearsals.


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