"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"

Friday 22nd November

It has been another week of hard work, discovering why a scrunched up paper ball has less air resistance than a paper airplane. Jack wrote a lovely poem in RE: Jack‘s Poem This week’s home work is slightly different. We have just started to use our new free-reading books. These are for recording reading at […]

Friday 15th November 2019

Well done for another excellent week of learning. It was Anti-bullying week and we have been focusing on more positive relationships and being friendly. We have also been studying forces, in particular air resistance. To this end we have created paper airplanes. Well done to Sabawon for his ingenuity in designing his own at home […]

Friday the 8th November

I was very proud of Year 5 today and their moving poems and singing during the remembrance assembly. We discussed the First World War and the life of the soldiers in the trenches, and the children wrote all of the poems themselves. Here are excerpts from Robbie’s Poem: Soldiers Remember them They did a lot […]

Friday 25.10.19

It has been a very busy 8 weeks and everyone has worked so hard, so enjoy your Half Term Holiday. Don’t forget the home work needs to be handed in on the first Wednesday back. Maths: If you add the digits of a prime number together and then add the sum of those digits together […]

Friday 18.10.19

We have had a busy outdoors learning week, what with all the out door learning we have done. A quick saunter down to the nature reserve to gain inspiration for our nature poems. I wandered through the lonely wood, I see the berries, the colour of midnight purple And there on the crevice I stood, […]

Friday 11.10.19

Welcome to our new website! This week we have been learning about poetry, looking in depth at Tennyson’s The Eagle. The children were able to use evidence from the poem to compare The Eagle to Zeus. We have also studied prime numbers, and prime factors which we found surprisingly good fun! This week’s spellings are […]

Friday 20th September

It’s been a busy week, learning about different writing techniques, falling down the rabbit hole which leads to the land of negative numbers. Nothing is as it seems in the world of Negative numbers – a bit like physics is the world a globe, and we use evidence to prove that it is? We certainly tried to […]

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