Weekly Blogs

Friday 30th June

Gosh, I know it’s ages since I added to this blog but I am thrilled with the teachers’ blogs they’re looking great! 

You’ll know from the Newsletter all the things that are going on in school, please read the Health & Safety letter on Page 4 of this week’s Newsletter for information about schools with cladding.

As you know we are moving ahead with the MAT and here’s the link for the termly Bushey St James Trust Newsletter.  See if you can spot Hartsbourne in it….!


The last three weeks are going to whiz by I know.  We’re all looking forward to the music assemblies and the Y6 Leavers’ assembly and the final close down.  Reports will be out on the 7th July along with information about which teachers are allocated to which classes.

See you on the playground!

Best wishes, Valerie Hudson, Head Teacher