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Home Learning Week Beginning 27th April 2020

Hello Everyone,

We hope you all had a good weekend and you managed to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. This week’s home learning will take a very similar format to last weeks. In addition, you will find some links to phonics videos within the PowerPoint slides, recorded just for you! We are continuing with the topic of ‘Spring and Growing’, focusing on non-fiction in our Literacy.

Don’t forget you can share photographs of your work with us, as well as ask any questions via the [email protected] email address.

Summer Term Week 2 Spring and Growing READ THIS FIRST


Literacy resources

Mrs Durrant-Patel reads ‘Stems’, a non-fiction book about plants: https://youtu.be/kp0rQ8uvyV4

All Literacy label parts of a plant

Ch1 Literacy sequencing growing a plant

Ch2 Literacy write a sentence for each picture


Maths resources

Telling the time powerpoint

All Maths Interactive clock face

Ch1 Matching o’clock times

Ch2 Matching o’clock times

Ch3 Make your own o’clock times


Phonics resources (Challenge 1 – easier)

Ch1 Phonics Captions 1 powerpoint

Ch1 Phonics read and match captions

Ch1 Phonics Captions 2 powerpoint

Ch1 Phonics Captions 3 powerpoint


Phonics resources (Challenge 2 – harder)

Ch2 Phonics CVC into CCVC 1 powerpoint

Ch2 Phonics CVC into CCVC 2 powerpoint

Ch2 Phonics CVC into CCVC 3 powerpoint


Topic work

All Topic Work make a seed packet


Additional optional ideas for consolidation

Literacy – All Literacy additional write a list of things to buy to help you grow a plant

Maths – All Maths additional o’clock analogue link cards game

Maths – All Maths additional o’clock telling the time game

Maths – Ch2 Maths additional subtraction from 20 flowers

Phonics – Ch2 Phonics Phase 4 Tricky Word Flash Cards (Phase 4 Tricky Word Flash cards to practice).

Topic work – All Topic Work additional put a plant together

Handwriting – All Handwriting numbers 11-20