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Good morning, year 3!

I hope everyone is well and safe and you still get to enjoy the great weather, even if from inside the house or your own garden!

Here is the work for the next 2 weeks, I am attaching some guidelines and a suggested daily timetable:School closure home learning Guidelines 

Literacy: complete one comprehension OR one SPAG mat /day. I am attaching 5 comprehension sheets and 5 SPAG mats (for the next 2 weeks), they are all differentiated and you can also find the answers attached.


Mat-1 Mat-2 Mat-3 Mat-4 Mat-5

Alan Turing-compressedHoli-compressed Lucy and the Leprechaun – A St. Patrick’s Day Story-compressed Marie CurieSun Safety Reading Comprehension Activity

Spellings: 1 sheet/week

Handwriting Practice – Continuous Cursive Handwriting Practice – Cursive Continuous

Handwriting: (letter j week 1, letter n week 2)

Joining the Letter _j_ Activity Sheet Joining the Letter _n_ Activity Sheet The Letter _j_ More Joining Practice Activity Sheet The Letter _n_ More Joining Practice Activity Sheet (letter j week 1, letter n week 2)


week 1: Activity Sheet Magnet Strength types of magnets

week 2: Activity Sheet Magnetic Poles Magnetic poles Make a Magnetic Compass


week 1: comparing earthquakes

Worksheet 1 worksheet 2

Earthquake info

week 2 : Tsunami Craft Instructions




RE: colouring sheet RE wordsearchEaster story


Day 1 and 2 : (steps 2 and 3 from LS24)

3LS24_problem solving_with_fractions

Step 2 worksheet  

Step-2-worksheet answers



LS 24 challenge cards

LS 24 challenge word problems

LS 24 fraction of amounts – differentiated step 3

LS24 step 2 answers LS24 step 3 answers LS-24-challenge-word-problems-1 answers LS-24-fraction-of-amounts-differentiated-step-3-1 answers

Day 3, 4, 5, 6 (LS25 steps 1-4)



Step 1 Human place mat

LS 25 place value slider step 2

LS 25 worksheeet step 2

LS 25 step 3 worksheet

LS 25 step 4 worksheet

LS-25-step-3-worksheet answers LS-25-step-4-worksheet answers LS-25-worksheeet-step-2 answers

Days 7, 8, 9, 10 (LS 26 – steps 1-4)


3LS26_step1_recording_frame 3LS26_step1_speaking_frame

LS26 step 1 worksheet

LS26 step 2 worksheet

LS 26 step 3 worksheet

LS 26 step 4 worksheet

LS26-step-1-worksheet answers LS26-step-2-worksheet answers LS-26-step-3-worksheet answers LS-26-step-4-worksheet answers


 Multiplication challenge LS 26 Multiplication challenge (2) LS26 Multiplication challenge (3) LS26

Don’t forget to do something nice for someone in your home every day and keep in touch with your loved ones (give them a call, video call or even surprise them by sending  them a letter, why not? ) 🙂

Mrs. Mocanu

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