"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"


This week we’ve had a brilliant time beginning the curriculum and getting used to all the new lessons we get to do in year 1!

In English we’ve been reading Funnybones by Janet and Allen Ahlberg and adding captions and labels to pictures from the story.

In maths we’ve been learning about position and ordinal numbers and have done lots of fun activities to help us understand the language we use for position and turning.

In Science we have started our topic on The Human Body. We talked about our different body parts and went outside to draw around each others bodies with chalk which we really enjoyed.

We’ve also begun learning about the UK, discussing where we have been and what the countries and capital cities in the UK are, and also had a fun art lesson where we investigated what colours we could make by mixing the 3 primary colours. The children were very surprised we could create new colours like this!


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