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Week Beginning – 22nd Feb

Almost there!

I wasn’t planning on teaching idioms this term, however the phrase ‘hit a brick wall’ definitely comes to mind, when I consider how you all must be feeling.

Online learning has definitely not been ‘a piece of cake’ so please don’t worry if you are struggling for motivation. I can’t fault any of you for the effort you’ve been putting in to complete and upload your work, this term.

You should all be incredibly proud of yourselves.

So ‘hang in there!’ for one more week and we can all get back to normal on March 8th.

Mr Parnell

P.S. Now I’ve brought up idioms – here is a fun little activity for you to complete over the weekend (completely optional of course)


Idioms Activity

Year 3 Proud Board – 22nd – 26th February (1)

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