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20th September 2019

Welcome to Year 4!

Hello, we hope you have settled in quickly and you are enjoying Year 4.

First of all, we want to thank you for your support. It has been great to see the enthusiasm and cheerfulness of our pupils who come in every morning full of energy and ready to learn.

This first week we’ve done lots of new things. We’ve discussed the HART rules and class code, learnt to be more independent using washroom cards and tiding up after ourselves and the importance of making mistakes in learning. We have also reviewed and deepen our understanding of place value knowledge when comparing and ordering numbers of up to four digits. During our Greek myths unit we have read different versions of Pandora’s box and how expanded noun phrases can help us describe in detail characters and settings.

Next week, we will learn more about addition, subtraction and mental fluency. We will learn how to use descriptive language to get the reader’s attention and some of us will have our first swimming lesson!

Here is your homework due 18th September 2019:

Homework due 18th September 2019


Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Abeledo

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