"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"


Hello Year 4,

It feels like we are only just back and now we have the Easter holiday to look forward to. It has been really helpful to have a catch up with parents during the consultation evenings and I look forward to speaking to everyone the next two evenings.

This week we are finishing our narrative poetry unit and publishing our super final pieces. Here are some of the expanded noun phrases we wrote to describe the characters:


We have been really enjoying our topic in geography, we have been learning about lines of  longitude and latitude and how we can use them to help locate places. Some members of the class were experts as they had used them before in the computer games they play!

I have heard whispers of pupils planning what to wear for ‘wear the rules’ on Friday!

Have a lovely break Year 4,

Miss FitzGerald and Miss Abeledo


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