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Spring 1 Week 2

Hello Year 4!

We are having a great week learning about properties of shapes and are now confident using maths vocabulary to describe and compare 2D shapes (parallel, perpendicular, right angle and many more) We are also learning about play scrips while learning to identify key features as well as how to use interesting sentence structures, like expanded noun phrases and fronted adverbials, to add detail. This Friday we will start discussing states of matter and we will be using words like solid, liquid and gas state. It will give us the opportunity to look into some of the most important processes that happen in our world, enabling us to have a better understanding of how particles behave in different states of matter.

Next week, we will learn about Symmetry, write our own play script of The Gingerbread Man and explore how particles go from one state to another.

Here is your homework due 22nd January 2020:

Homework due 22nd January 2020

We want to let you know that we do not need any ‘additional’ PE items in our PE kits, we just need the usual PE equipment but to avoid any confusion or unnecessary worries, here is a complete PE kit item list: navy long tracksuit bottoms or leggings, navy shorts, white t-shirt, navy long sleeved tracksuit jumper, sport socks, plimsolls and trainers. Please ensure all the items are labeled when they come to school. Thank you for your support and for helping us learn become independent and autonomous one step at a time.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.


Miss Abeledo

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