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Summer 1 Week 1

Welcome back Year 4,
Here we are back and ready to work! It is Summer term, which is my favourite by far. I hope you have had a lovely Easter Holiday and have recharged your batteries. As you know, I love gardening and warm weather, so I have enjoyed some sunny days to get seeds going and plant roses.
Here is your work for this week. Remember to give it your best effort and be patient with yourself if you get stuck. It’s ok, we all get stuck sometimes and its part of a good learning process. Remember you can also ask questions to family when needed and I will be here to answer any doubts too.

Summer 1 Week 1

English 1.1 English 1.2 English 1.3 English 1.4 English 1.5 (Model)

Here is a set of resources you might find useful when completing English tasks:

Coordinating conjunctions Determiners Expanded Noun Phrases Fronted Adverbials Inverted Commas Paragraphs Plural and Possessive -s Preposition Phrases Pronouns and Nouns Standard English Verb Inflections Subordinating conjunctions

Maths 1.1 Maths 1.2 Maths 1.3 Maths 1.4 Maths 1.5

And here is a multiplication and division strategies guide in case you need a bit more support:

Multiplication strategies

Division strategies-

Multiplication Square

Geography 1 RE 1 Science 1-Adult Guidance Digestive System Parts Science 1 History 1

Head to Royaume Uni and clic Niveau Blanc Module 5 to download “Leçon 21 – Niveau Blanc PPT”to practise your French skills asking where …?

Before you get started, read the Summer 1 Week 1 guide, as it includes instructions for all your tasks.

Don’t forget to send photos of your ‘proud work’ to [email protected] and you might be featured in our newsletter.

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Have a lovely, warm week.

See you soon 🙂

Miss Abeledo

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