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Summer 1 Week 2

Hello Year 4,

I hope that you had some rest this gorgeous weekend.

Remember you can refer to last week’s post if you need help with SPAG or Maths. You can also ask a grown up or ask me.

Before you start, ensure you read Summer 1 Week 2 as it is a preview of your work and how to organise it. And remember, it is ok to get stuck. So, give it your best and enjoy your learning time.

Summer 1 Week 2

English 2.1, questions English 2.1, text English 2.2 English 2.3 English 2.4

Maths 2.1 Maths 2.2 Maths 2.2 answers Maths 2.3, minutes past the hour Maths 2.3, minutes to the hour Maths 2.4 Maths 2.4 answers Maths 2.5

Maths optional clip and task

How to tell the time optional clip and task

French 2 Geography 2 Information Geography 2 Presentation History 2 RE 2 Science 2

Geography optional clip and reading

Geography optional tips

If you want to learn a bit more about the Vikings head here to learn more

Science optional learner guides to further your knowledge in a fun way

RE optional clip


Don’t forget to send photos of your ‘proud work’ to [email protected] and you might be featured in our newsletter.

And if you want to hear your teachers reading and recommending books just for you, make sure you visit Hartsbourne Reads, brought to you by … all of us!

Have a fantastic week,

Miss Abeledo

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