"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"

Friday 18th June

Hello everyone,

What another interesting week,  in Maths we have learnt all about polygons, ( the missing parrot, ahem). We have also started to understand how we age, and the changes to our eyesight as we get older, it was very interesting, but also slight gloomy (especially at my advanced age).

But mainly it’s been a week of CULTURE – spelled with capitals because that’s how highbrow we are.

Year 5 have been re-writing Macbeth’s soliloquy, here is Erin’s transliteration:

Why is there a dagger with it’s handle basically in my hands? I’ll grab it. Ugh! I can’t get it, this is so annoying. Is this just a creation of my mind, because I want it?

I see you as real as the dagger I’m holding, you are the weapon that I’ll use to kill.  Are you fooling me, or are my eyes going funny. I still see the gory red blood on the point of the dagger.

You’re not real! You’re the assassination I’m about to do. No one is awake. Nightmares will come to those who sleep. I heard a wolf, I must hurry like a ghost.

Forsooth and verily good ’tis thinks I and pray you agreeth with mine opinion!

Mr Stevenson


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