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Friday 10th January 2020

Welcome back,

not just a new year but a new decade!

this week we have been comparing the Tennyson poem The Eagle to the Blake poem The Tyger and making a hybrid poem fusing the themes of the Tyger with the structure of the Eagle.


Venom in his vicious kiss,

Getting bitten hiss hiss hiss

What tricky creature is this?

Who must this fierce creature be?

Slithering through, tree to tree

People screaming – please help me!

By Jessica


The red fox all like fire,

All his heart with his ire

Watch out small beast, you’re his desire.

He goes back to home, underground,

He poked his head up and he found

He goes up running like a hound.

by Charlie

This week I would like every one to start their termly project due on the 14th of February on the theme of London – what could you make or design that fits into that theme (it can be as tenuous as you like as long as you explain how it.)

spellings 10.1.20

Spellings this week are as attached above. Don’t forget to find the misspelled one!




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