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Friday 12th March

We’re back and we’re very pleased to be.

I think it is safe to say that everybody in class is relieved to back in. We have had lots of fun this week, starting most mornings with a Draw with Rob and reading Super Gran.

All the class have been fantastic, and I can’t wait to start posting their brilliant work again.

Now, this Friday we have solved a rather pressing mystery, namely who Deaded the Dodo?

We all put our heads together, Brodie and Mackenzie rightly identified weaknesses in the Dodo’s adaption. Eowyn said that it couldn’t have been people as Dodo’s don’t taste very nice.

Sadie and Muhib said it couldn’t have been rats of monkeys as the Dodo would have been used to defending its nest.

Everyone agreed that it probably wouldn’t have been cats or dogs as the Dodo was too big.

Emanuel, who was very insistent from the start that was pigs, was eventually proved right.

It was such a fun lesson , and all the class were brilliant in their role of scientific detectives.

I wonder what we will discover next week?

Mr Stevenson


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