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Friday 16th June

Well this is it the FINAL blog entry for year 5.

A very emotional blog entry for me, as this obviously the second time that I have taught this class, so it really feels like a big milestone to say goodbye to them as they ride off into the sunset and year 6.

It has been an honour to watch them grow up from Year 3 into such a wonderful bunch of people. I am very sad to see them go, and have enjoyed teaching them immensely. It has been a strange journey this year, but we have got to the end of it and we have all come out of it stronger and more determined. So to Adria, Aneeka, Jessica Cooper, Eowyn, Brodie, Marshall, Jensen, Erin, Ava-Bella, Muhib, Lewis, Lorenzo, Amelie, Khaden, Sienna, Yanni, Khushal, Nikita, Teejay, Emanuel, Ryley, Bimmi, Belle, Zac, Sadie, Zoe, John, Sophie, Mackenzie and not forgetting Adria and Rocco.

Thank you for being such a wonderful class.

Mr Stevenson


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