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Friday 21st May

A change to our usual blog today, as we have a pair of Penny Dreadful’s to chill your blood:


The city of London was covered in a dull blanket of smog. The smell of smoke drifted through the air and into people’s lungs. Most of the people’s clothes were splattered with grime and moldy stains. Above the crowd, a well-dressed man walked through Fleet Street. His top hat shining, shoes polished, clothes perfectly clean. This man was Sweeney Todd!

It was so noisy he could barely hear his own evil thoughts.

He strolled into the grotty shop… Above it was a sign that said Sweeney Todd’s Barber Shop. It was old and crawling with mould.

Few hours later…

A young sailor walked through the crowds of Fleet Street. His wavy golden locks swayed in the breeze. He was going to get a much needed haircut. the once nice door opened as he went in. He looked at his hand it was soiled from touching the door. 

An ancient chair sat in the centre of the room. a few seconds later Sweeney Tood rushed into the room, he noticed the sailor was standing there.

“Why, hello,” he said calmly, “may you have a seat?”

“Why is that lever there?” the sailor asked.

“It’s my special lever to lower the seat!” Todd replied, innocently.

Carefully, the sailor sat on the chair. He heard Sweeney Todd say the words: “Let’s start.” Then all he could remember after that was the flash of a knife and darkness.



The fog rolled from the river tumbling greasy cold. The smoke from a thousand chimneys joined it and covered the city in a choking miasma, all was dirty and greasy, even Lord Harper, owner of The London Bugle. Yet as he left his cab to enter his plush office, he was not as dirty or as poor as those starving wretched on the streets groaning for food and better shelter. The smog was unbelievably thick, that if you looked through one of the windows you couldn’t even seeSt. Paul’s Cathedral – a very prestigious place. You could smell human waste everywhere. Out of the slums strolled a finely dressed man, with black hair a red scarf and a nice blue suit. His name was Sweeney Todd. He owned a barber’s shop on Fleet Street.

A sailor went to Sweeney’s shop one day. The only thing you could look through was the door. The rest was covered up. Sweeney was in the room standing next to a chair that was in the middle of the dark room.  Taller buildings than it loomed over it.

While Sweeney was getting his razor the sailor was reminding himself of his great stories. Sweeney got his clean razor and thought: “You’re not going to be used today.” He flashed a scary grin and walked over to the sailor.

The sailor sat on the brutal chair and…



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