"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"

Friday 23rd April

Look out magazine publishers, Year 5 are coming for you!

This week we have been using our persuasive writing skills to write letters to publishers to try and convince them that what children really need are more comics, not more ocean filling plastic toys with a magazine attached.

There have been some incendiary missives penned, such was the ire raised by this most important issue. Luckily we managed to calm down, and focus all our skills on creating a powerful and well argued letter.

Take a look at Sienna’s letter for example:

Don’t you think we need more comics these days? The funny ones that crack you up, are full of colour and action and really entertain you! Like The Beano! We love The Beano very much and would love to see more amazing comics. In this letter I will tell you 3 main reasons on why we need more comics…

There are lots of genres to discover when reading comics, and that makes you want to read more books and improve your writing. Comics aren’t just comedy, they can be horror and fantasy too… and many others!

Reading comics helps people with dyslexia because they are short and easy to read with lots of colourful pictures. Sometimes people struggle to read books that are black and white, so comics are more exciting for them.

They also improve your imagination because they are funny and have great plots that are fun to read. The illustrations are eye-catching and make you want to read more.

Wow powerful writing there! Look for a horde of new comics appearing at the newsagents soon.




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