Hartsbourne Primary School

"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"

Friday 28th May

Happy Half Term!

Here is a Lipogram from Erin, can you guess which letter is missing?

At this point, this girl was four minus a digit, Matilda had taught Matilda to look at words in a book with cognition, by studying books and daily rags and glossies that lay around this girls drum. At four, Matilda could look at books fast and good and Matilda starts to look for good books. An only book in this dim drum  was cooking. That was this girl’s mum’s. This girl looks at books and puts  words and cognition in this girl’s brain box.  Matilda wants all books.

“Daddy,” Matilda said, “I want a book, can you buy girl book.?”

“Book?” Dad said, “What do want a book for?”

“To look at Daddy.”

“What’s wrong with you?”