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Friday 29.11.19

Just a quick message to remind everyone that as per the letter sent home, Tuesday 3rd is our exciting school trip to Sky Studios. Please ensure you have brought a packed lunch if you need to.

Further to this please find below a list of characters and required outfits for the Christmas Play:

Turkey’s: White Swimming caps/Grey leggings and tops

Soldiers: Long green or blue woollen coats

Elves: Green tops and red bottoms (or vice versa)

Father Christmas: Father Christmas outfit

Farmers: Jeans/willies/old battered hat

Family: Best Clothes

Chef and flustered person: White tops and bottoms

Vegan: T-shirt and jeans

Mistletoe Seller: Old work clothes

Rich Lady: Long Victorian style dress

Rich Man: Suit/Top Hat

Butcher: Apron white shirt

Pip/Molly: Ragged clothes

Henry and Minnie: Cardigan slippers

Homework this week is for everyone to learn the majority of their lines by Wednesday. Spellings are as attached 29.11.19 look and think very carefully about which one is spelled incorrectly, and this maths challenge to be attempted:

1 a b c d e

x             3


a b c d e 1

Can you replace the letters with numbers?

Is there only one solution?

The answer to last week’s parents challenge was:

You can’t dig half a hole!


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