"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"

Friday 2nd of July

And now we enter into the final month of the academic year, but like a perpetual motion machine, we’re still going full pelt.

Yes the Year 5 learning machine goes on and on, and this week we have delved into past and looked to the future. We have worked with Roman Numerals and started learning our new careers as top scriptwriters.

But more than that we have written some wonderful serious and silly poems:


They test different make up sets

On Animals.

They put foundation on buffalos,

Or lipstick on bunnies.

Why put eyeshadow on a rabbit

If they’re not going to a night club tonight?



One day a virus started to spread

And then you couldn’t buy a loaf of bread,

Even toilet paper was out of stock

And doctors and nurses worked round the clock.


We banged our pots and clanged our pans 

For the NHS,  we clapped our hands,

Now the shops are filled with all you ask

Just make sure you wear a mask!


The disappointed chicken pox.

There were some tickets for planet Earth,
I took one,
I only wanted to colour the people’s boring faces with bright red spots!
It was fantastic travelling from child to child,
It was enough a hug, kiss or caress and I would hop onto the other one,
It seemed to me a sign of love,
They were adventurous trips,
Instead humans gave me the horrible name of “chicken pox”!
When I appear they immediately want kick me and my beautiful red spots out.
I think it is absurd and unwelcoming,
Do they really want to make a awful injection rather than keeping me with them?


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