Hartsbourne Primary School

"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"

Friday 30th April

Hello on this sunny showery May Eve.

What another week of great joy and fun we have had. Nothing says Springtime is on us and the lambs are bleating in the fields, the blossom on the trees, than multiplication and division problems solved through the use of bar models.  We have investigated deep number theory, working out in concrete ways the value of things, and how they are interrelated with one another. Quite the whiz-kids are our year fives.


From the happy sunny vistas of the world of arithmetic, we have delved into the dark and gothic landscape of the classic poem The Highwayman. This is a very interesting and powerful poem, full of action and disaster. Very spooky as well.

We have also recorded some poems created from the science words we learned last week.

Here is John and Cooper’s:


The glimmering rays of the sun shine brightly like a petal,

The tree standing tall like a stigma covers itself with perfume and colour,

The ovary holds the ovules like the soil holds its roots and the pollen spreads like warmth.