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Friday 9th July

This is almost it,  the penultimate post of the year!

What a year, what a week.

From Sound poetry to the Navvies we’ve done it all.

Today we had a very internet special talk from a top scientist from the Royal Institute .  During which he asked us how to get a telescope into space. Apparently my suggestion of chuck it very far was deemed unhelpful.

Luckily Year 5 were on hand to solve the question. It turns out that giant space telescopes have to be folded and packed away, Year 5 had an attempt at replicating this, with I think it is to say varying degrees of success. Our giant telescopes being only 5 inches big and made out paper and not massive and designed out of magic space materials.

But Year 5 as always were fantastic, and it was such a privilege to be part of this wonderful way of doing science.

Mr Stevenson





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