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Well done everyone again this week.

Well done to Adria and Sienna, for all their hard work this week. Also Well done to Brodie and a special well done to John for providing us with some wonderful musical accompaniment.

What a talented bunch you all are.

Lorenzo has turned a fantastic starter to his Cap o’Rushes in space story, and I’d  like to share with you all now.

Beginning : Cap o’ lorbolitanium


It was a quiet day on satellite 29, in its bioluminescent green garden sat a beautiful girl called Cordelia. She lived with her father, two sisters and a blagborg (Martian dog with dragon spikes which runs down his back and on the two tails, walks like human, and has some special fur that reacts and changes colour depending on the dog’s humour).


The father had a giant fortune and he was scared that someone might be plotting against him. He even suspected his daughters so he decided that they must pass a challenge if they wanted his money and business!


Cordelia agile and fit, trained harder and harder every day, she even built a hover board to surf  on the satellite, it was powerful enough to go around the satellite without falling into outer space. She had a glittering space suit that is made of a material that resists to laser: lorbolitanium!!


Regan and Goneril are sneaky and scheming, you would never trust them, they are so determinated to reach their infamous space plans that they want only their dad’s money and business. They also have some super advanced equipment on their suits but they are not made in lorbolitanium.


One day, just before lunchtime (5 o’clock in the afternoon, I know it is confusing but their days are formed by 45 hours!) her father called Cordelia and the two sisters which came 20 minutes later. He said that they must win the challenge which is that they need to fly around the satellite as fast as they could if they wanted his place of boss of the factory that he owned (the intergalactic delivery service, very famous)!


Unfortunately for Cordelia the two sisters won; cheating !!!! They  used sound speed to go faster and Cordelia didn’t so it was obvious that she wouldn’t win but her father was so ashamed that he kicked her out of the satellite.

She had to disguise as a space servant (modest space suit with a hood). With some intergalactic space money that she had left, hiding her face with the hood she buyed a shuttle ticket and flyed to the mother planet not knowing what will await there.

Until next week, have a lovely weekend


Mr Stevenson


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