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Recognition Board January 15th

Just a quick line to say how proud I am of everybody, you are all doing exceptionally well. I am so proud to teach such a wonderful class.

However, in keeping with the age old tradition of the Friday Assembly:

Well done this week to

Mackenzie for all her hard work all week and also to Lorenzo for all the constant good quality of of work that he is producing.

Just a snapshot of the quality of work we are getting. Here is Jessica’s Action Painting based on Beethoven’s symphony no. 5

And here is an extract from Zac’s fabulous retelling of Cap o’ Rushes:

One day Cap of rushes was sitting down and knitting for the cook when the cook’s daughter came in. 

“Oh Cap of Rushes, there is a ball tonight. Everyone will be there, you must go” she said, but Cap of Rushes said she was too tired, so they went without her, or so they thought.

She let down her beautiful hair, put on her best dress and crossed the gate to the ball, where she got such a shock, her eyes almost went out of their sockets and booked a flight to Jamaica. There was the young master, the same boy who she had met at the farm. The young master refused to dance with anyone else so they danced and everyone looked upon them until she noticed the cook and her daughter were leaving. She created a distraction and ran back off to her new home. 

The next morning the daughter of the cook came in and said 

“Oh Cap of Rushes there was a beautiful lady at the ball, the young master only danced with her”.

“Oh I should have been there” cap of rushes replied, and it happened again for the next three nights. The cook’s daughter came in and asked her to come but she always said she was too tired. Then she danced with the young master and ran back to the house. But the next night was different, it was the last night of the ball and she was pulled aside by the young master to an alleyway outside the palace. 

“ I love you, so keep this ring as a token of my love”, but  as he went off to talk to other people she snuck off back to her house.

The next day was a sad one. Everyone now knew the young master had fallen ill, so he stopped off at Cap of Rushes’s house and asked for soup. But before the cook could make it Cap of Rushes had a crafty idea.

“Why don’t I make it then you can make the supper?” she said, and the cook accepted. So the cook brought it up without knowing that Cap of Rushes had slipped in the ring from the ball. When the young master saw the ring he asked the cook a question. 

“Who made this?” he said.

The cook replied “me”, but the young master reassured the cook she wouldn’t be punished so in the end Cap of Rushes was called upstairs.

“ Where did you find this ring!” he bellowed.

“From you” she replied…

Keep sending in work, and I’ll post it up here for all to see.


Mr Stevenson

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