"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"


Sports week actually! I was very proud of all the class for their wonderful spirit and effort. I am sure we have broke some world records today.

It was a close run contest, but in Year 5 Roe took first place, over all however, Fallow won.

At the end of the day we had a closing ceremony during which Year 5 re-enacted the Nauran creation story. An experience, never to be repeated, but once seen never forgotten. Special mention to Zoe as the narrator and our snails Sadie and Emanuel. Not to forget John who played Areop-Enap the spider god. Special mention must go to Jensen whose depiction of a dead worm will live long in annals of  theatrical history, not even Sir laurence Olivier could have portrayed the Lumbricus terrestris with such moving pathos.

Eowyn, Teejay, Lorenzo, Brodie and Aneeka also added some fascinating facts about Nauru, which left the crowd riveted and entertained.

Take a look for yourself at the fun we had today.

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