Hartsbourne Primary School

"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"

Friday 16th April

Welcome back!

It’s been lovely to be back together again, especially as the new term has brought with it brighter days and sunnier weather! I’ve been really impressed with the positive atmosphere in Year 6 this week and how delighted everyone has been to be back in class. We’ve wasted no time getting back to work: in maths we’ve been revising our understanding of number with some work on place value, ordering and rounding, in science we learned about William Harvey and how influential he was in helping us to understand what goes on inside our bodies, in geography we learned about political aspects of the United Kingdom and in literacy we set ourselves targets for our final 66 days of primary school, as you can see here:

Next week we’ll be revising some grammar, punctuation and vocabulary knowledge in literacy and diving into sequences and Roman numerals in maths! In music we’ll be continuing our stellar ukulele playing with Miss Fort, in science we’ll be learning about the circulatory system and don’t forget to check Google Classroom for information about a brand new child-created newsletter which launches next Friday!

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all next week 🙂