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Friday 23rd April


Another week of glorious weather under our belts and it’s been a hive of learning in Year 6! In literacy we revised some of our grammar, punctuation and spelling skills, looking closely at the word classes pronouns, proper nouns, determiners, prepositions and conjunctions. In maths we completed a range of work on number, including completing sequences, reading Roman numerals and completing calculations in the correct order of operations! In science we learned about the circulatory system, in geography and computing we created Climate Change Awareness posters as part of Earth Day, and I’m sure by now you’ve seen our newest child-led newsletter ‘Little Deer’ which launched today. Jazmine did put together a lovely ‘Spot the Difference’ which sadly couldn’t be included this time, so I thought I would share it with you all here (answers at the bottom of the post!)

Next week we’ll be completing our grammar revision with a free-write paragraph aiming to include all the elements that we’ve learned about so far in literacy, as well as diving into some work on calculation and problem solving in maths. In RE we’ll be considering our own beliefs about God, in French we’ll be learning how to talk about the weather and in computing we’ll be evaluating our e-safety videos – a week not to be missed!

Have a relaxing weekend and I will see you all next week 🙂

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