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Home Learning – Monday 30th March

Hello Year 6!

I hope you’re all keeping well and safe, and are slowly adapting to being stuck at home. I had some lovely messages from your parents this week, so don’t forget that you can send any work you’re proud of or questions to pa[email protected], who will make sure that it gets to me.

Here is the work for this week:

Literacy – Comprehension

Literacy – Grammar

Literacy – Punctuation

Literacy – Vocabulary

Literacy – Writing

Literacy – Comprehension – Answers

Literacy – Grammar, Punctuation and Vocabulary – Answers

Maths – Addition and Subtraction Practice

Maths – Written Addition and Subtraction

Maths – Multistep Problems

Maths – Factors and Multiples

Maths – Prime, Square and Cube Numbers

Maths – Answers





Science – Presentation

Science – Activity

I’ve also decided to share a little side project which might interest the football fans disappointed that Euro 2020 won’t be played this year. Basically I created my own tournament by picking 16 teams, organising them into groups and simulating the matches on FIFA 20. Below is the spreadsheet where I’m organising all of the information so far – if you look closely you should be able to spot some formulae I’ve entered to automatically work out the number of points each team has, or their goal difference. If you have some free time you may want to give your own simulation tournament a try 🙂

Euro 2020 Simulation

Otherwise, have a lovely week, be kind to your parents, stay safe and stay at home. We won’t be setting any work over the Easter holidays but remember that you can always try the following websites if you find yourself at a loose end:

Hartsbourne Home Learning Resources

See you soon ! 🙂