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Attendance, Absence and Illness


Regular attendance and punctuality at school is very important for your child’s wellbeing. At Hartsbourne we take attendance and punctuality very seriously and are committed to working together with parents to increase the attendance and punctuality of all our pupils. We want to give all of our children the best possible start in life. The facts show there is a close correlation between the amount of time children spend in school and the progress they make. Children who miss school are missing out on essential learning and social interaction. 

Pupil Attendance Policy


If you know your child is going to be absent from school for a clinic visit or dental/medical appointment please inform the school office by email on [email protected]. Wherever possible, appointments should be made outside school hours unless it is an emergency.

Attending a medical or dental appointment will be counted as authorised as long as the pupil’s parent/carer notifies the school in advance of the appointment.


If your child is going to be off sick, you will need to notify the school office of the reason for the absence on the first day of an unplanned absence by 9.15am or as soon as practically possible, and for safeguarding reasons each subsequent day of their absence. You can either leave a voicemail on the absence line (020 8075 9857 option 1) or by sending an email to [email protected].

We follow the NHS guidance when it comes to common illnesses. The most frequent queries are around diarrhoea and / or vomiting. The advice for this is to remain stay off school until they’ve not been sick or had diarrhoea for at least 2 days.

For other common illnesses please have a read of the NHS guidance, Is my child too ill for school?


Medication in School

If your child has been prescribed any medication that needs to be given in school, then you will need to complete an online form. 

Request for Hartsbourne Primary to administer medicine during the school day

Medication should be handed to and collected from the school office.

If your child has been prescribed an inhaler and they will be keeping it in school then you will need to complete the following online form.

Hartsbourne Primary School: Asthma Card

If your child is in EY/KS1 then please hand their inhaler into the school office. If your child is in KS2 then they will keep their inhalers in their trays or bags in class.