"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"


We have had a lovey last week in year 1 before half term where we did lots of fun activities. In English we created our own story as a class using a repeated phrase, children wrote up their own versions using some of their own ideas and some of them read their stories to the […]


This week in English we read ‘Monkey and Me’ and discussed why the author used repeated phrases in her story. We came up with our own animals to add into the story and learnt actions to go with them. In Maths we have been looking at addition and the children have been able to add […]


This week year 1 have been amazing authors! We have continued to focus on stories with repeated phrases in English and children came up with their own words and ideas to put into the story. The children wrote up their own page of ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and then edited it to make […]


This week we were able to do lots of fun outdoors activities (despite the gloomy weather). In English we have continued looking at stories with repeated phrases and have focussed on ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’. We created story maps and came up with our own ideas to add to the story. We have […]


We have had another wonderful week in year 1 and the children are really settling into life as a year 1 pupil. In maths we have been exploring the concept of number and discussing what numbers mean and different ways to represent them. We have used lots of different resources to investigate this. In English […]


This week we’ve had a brilliant time beginning the curriculum and getting used to all the new lessons we get to do in year 1! In English we’ve been reading Funnybones by Janet and Allen Ahlberg and adding captions and labels to pictures from the story. In maths we’ve been learning about position and ordinal […]

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