"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"


We’ve had another busy week in Reception, we’ve continued with our ‘Light and Dark’ topic. This week we’ve learnt about light sources and explored them, made a lamp,  and explored shadows. In literacy we’ve read a non-fiction book about owls then sorted fiction and non-fiction facts and wrote some labels. In maths we’ve explored 2D […]


Over the last week in Reception we have learnt  about Remembrance Day and Bonfire Night. We’ve made our own poppies, painted poppy pictures, created firework pictures and made our own sparkler biscuit. We’ve started our new topic ‘Light and Dark’ and talked about what we already know and what we’d like to find out.  This […]


Hello and welcome back, we hope you are well rested and ready for the second half of the Autumn term. This week we have learnt about Remembrance Day and Bonfire Night. We have made our own poppies and firework pictures. This week in maths we have consolidated what we’ve learnt about numbers 1-10. In literacy […]


Half term is almost here and the children have had a very busy first half term in Reception. They have settled amazingly especially given we are in a middle of a pandemic, something we’ve never experienced before in teaching. They know the routines, behaviours expected and settled well into school life at Hartsbourne. Over the […]


This week we have continued with our Colour topic and have been busy making art based on ‘The Dot’. We’ve made our own dot paintings based on the story by drawing a dot and printing different sized circles around it and we’ve made Kandinsky Concentric Circle pictures. We’ve also made our own leaf monsters and […]


This week we’ve continued with our ‘Colour’ topic. We’ve also spent time in the nature reserve going on a colour hunt. We’ve made bubble paintings, completed patterns using peg boards, marble painting,  made our own numbers using multilink cubes and spent time junk modelling. We also completed our first experiment, where we thought might happen […]

30th September 2020

We’ve had another busy week in Reception, we’ve started our new topic ‘Colour’. We have been busy mixing colours, making 3D rainbows, painting with sponges and making our own patchwork elephants. Outside we’ve have been using the chalks to write on the floor, using containers to pour and transfer water, been fishing,  played with the […]

Reception Home Learning Timetable

Please find below a suggested timetable for you to follow while at home with your child. This is just a guideline and please do not feel pressured to follow it, it is just to support you and give you some ideas. We have allowed for two learning slots where you can pick the activities you’d […]


In Reception we have been continuing with our ‘Around the World’ topic, we have visited Brazil this week and last week went to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Australia. We identified some landmarks and made our our own Loch Ness Monsters, Giants, Highland cows and Boomerangs. In literacy we have been reading The Snail and the […]

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