Reception Home Learning Timetable

Please find below a suggested timetable for you to follow while at home with your child. This is just a guideline and please do not feel pressured to follow it, it is just to support you and give you some ideas. We have allowed for two learning slots where you can pick the activities you’d […]


In Reception we have been continuing with our ‘Around the World’ topic, we have visited Brazil this week and last week went to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Australia. We identified some landmarks and made our our own Loch Ness Monsters, Giants, Highland cows and Boomerangs. In literacy we have been reading The Snail and the […]


We have had a great week in Reception, we’ve had our first Play and Stay sessions and we hope everyone has had a wonderful time spending time with the children. This week we’ve visited Scotland, Northern Ireland and Australia. In literacy we’ve been sequencing instructions on hand washing and writing instructions on how to make […]


Last week we enjoyed ‘International Week’ and had a great time in Year Six learning how to count to ten in French. We also had the opportunity to visit other classes and see what countries they had focused on.  This week we have been working independently in Maths and in Literacy we have read Katie […]


Hello and welcome back for the second half of the Spring term. This week is our whole school themed ‘International Week’, in Reception we have been learning about France. We have learnt about some of France’s famous landmark, tried some food and learnt some vocabulary. We will be learning a french song and on Friday […]


This week we have continued our ‘Traditional Tales’ topic and have learnt the story of The Gingerbread Man. We have created a giant gingerbread man, completed a gingerbread man experiment,  designed a gingerbread man and we will be baking one too. In maths we have continued our work on addition. In PE this half term […]


This week we have started our new topic ‘Traditional Tales’ We started in literacy with The Three Little Pigs, which we retold using actions and we also made our own story maps. We have also enjoyed painting pigs, creating puppets and designing houses that the wolf wouldn’t be able to enter. In maths this week […]


This is our last week of our ‘Pirate’ topic and the children have enjoyed making their own telescopes and dressing up in our pirate costumes. On Monday we talked about Chinese New Year and the children had an opportunity to make their own dragons. In Maths we have been exploring the capacity resources using water […]


We are continuing with our Pirate topic this week and the children have written their own messages to go in bottles for Literacy. In Maths we have been measuring and ordering objects from shortest to longest. We have also created our own pirates, made salt dough coins,  decorated treasure chests and aged our own paper […]


Hello and welcome back, last week we started by learning the William Blake poem ‘The Tyger’. We read the poem and learnt part of it, we made our own tiger pictures, created clay tiger faces, tiger patterns and completed a tiger writing challenge.  This week we started our ‘Pirate’ topic and we’ve made eye patches […]

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