"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"

Week Beginning – Dec 7th

During DT this week, the class painted the base coats onto their Christmas ornaments. We have a mixture of Christmas Trees, Candy Canes, Robins and Angels. We’re all excited to finish them next week! Also this week, during maths lessons, the class have been exploring parallel and perpendicular lines. In this lesson, the children were […]

Week Beginning – Nov 16th

This week, we continued our work on developing oracy, with a debate about road safety. Should we have speed limits on roads?  After a debate, the children concluded that although driving fast can be fun and gets you to where you are going quicker; it is better to arrive safely, rather than quickly. Also this […]

Week Beginning – November 9th

A focus for Hartsbourne at the moment is giving the children opportunities to work on their oracy skills. In class we will be having class debates throughout the year; looking at the pros and cons of different topics. This week we debated whether or not we should recycle. The children were given some of the […]

Week Beginning – November 3rd

With remembrance Sunday coming up this weekend, the class have been creating some art work in honour of the occasion.     The class used silhouettes and charcoal to create a scene; in tribute to the men, women and animals who have lost their lives fighting in wars.

Week Beginning – 12th October

This week, the class have been donating food for a local homeless shelter. In addition, they have been learning about the importance of a harvest and how it is celebrated  in different ways around the world. In maths, the class have continued the theme of harvest; solving addition problems by using different (efficient) mental strategies. […]

Week Beginning – 5th October

This week, as part of out Autumn themed work, we made paper leaves in art. This involved using some origami skills to fold the paper into the correct shape. Also this week, we were fortunate enough to have a visit from Nick, from Bushey Synagogue. He brought with him a mobile Sukkah and explained how […]

Week Beginning – 28th September

This week, the wet weather on Tuesday, gave the class the chance to have a Speed Stack competition during PE. The children spent the lesson practicing, building and dismantling different tower formations, before trying out their skills in a mini competition. Congratulations to Freddie, who finished in the quickest time. In science this week, the […]

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