"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"

Week Beginning – 22nd Feb

Almost there! I wasn’t planning on teaching idioms this term, however the phrase ‘hit a brick wall’ definitely comes to mind, when I consider how you all must be feeling. Online learning has definitely not been ‘a piece of cake’ so please don’t worry if you are struggling for motivation. I can’t fault any of […]

Week Beginning – 8th Feb

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Half Term Break! We’ve got through another half term of Online Lessons; you’ve all got a well earned break, next week. Parents, you have definitely earned it! I’m writing this, after finishing our virtual assemblies, and wanted to say how lucky I felt; being part of them today. I […]

Week Beginning – 1st Feb

Good afternoon year 3, News of the week… our 1st weekly assembly is next Friday! Hopefully, you have all received an email, from the school, containing information on the virtual assemblies. The key information is, we will have 2 assemblies next week, with half the class attending each. These will be at 11:00 and 11:30 […]

Week Beginning – Jan 25th

Good afternoon all, So another week down; I’m sure you’ve all got one eye on half term now, as it begins to come into view. I’ve said this before but I appreciate all you’re doing; balancing your own jobs, childcare and homeschooling must be extremely challenging. You’ve definitely got one of the most tiring jobs […]

Week Beginning – Jan 18th

Hi everyone, We’re half way through the term already and hopefully another week closer to a return to normality. Once again, I am delighted with all the work you have submitted this week and it has been lovely sending voice notes to you all; I’ve even started receiving some in return. Not only that, it […]

Week Beginning – 11th Jan

A big thank you to all parents this week. I know homeschooling must have been even more challenging this week with the weather keeping the kids stuck in doors for large parts of the day. I really appreciate all the work that continues to be uploaded – especially the pictures and videos of the children […]

Week Beginning – Dec 7th

During DT this week, the class painted the base coats onto their Christmas ornaments. We have a mixture of Christmas Trees, Candy Canes, Robins and Angels. We’re all excited to finish them next week! Also this week, during maths lessons, the class have been exploring parallel and perpendicular lines. In this lesson, the children were […]

Week Beginning – Nov 16th

This week, we continued our work on developing oracy, with a debate about road safety. Should we have speed limits on roads?  After a debate, the children concluded that although driving fast can be fun and gets you to where you are going quicker; it is better to arrive safely, rather than quickly. Also this […]

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