"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"


Hello and welcome to the Year 4 class blog! The children have been doing a super job of adapting to new routines. We kicked the new term off by researching and creating a display about Harriet Tubman. We identified key events in her life to create a timeline. When creating self portraits, we used mirrors […]

Google Classroom

Dear Parents, From Monday 4th May 2020, our home learning lessons and resources will be posted to Year 4’s Google Classroom. Please see the email sent by the school office on Thursday 30th April 2020 and the attached Parent Guide for joining instructions. This new way of working will allow for different resources to be […]

Summer 1 Week 2

Hello Year 4, I hope that you had some rest this gorgeous weekend. Remember you can refer to last week’s post if you need help with SPAG or Maths. You can also ask a grown up or ask me. Before you start, ensure you read Summer 1 Week 2 as it is a preview of […]

Summer 1 Week 1

Welcome back Year 4, Here we are back and ready to work! It is Summer term, which is my favourite by far. I hope you have had a lovely Easter Holiday and have recharged your batteries. As you know, I love gardening and warm weather, so I have enjoyed some sunny days to get seeds […]

Spring 2 Week 6

Hello Year 4, I have attached your home tasks to be completed during the last week of this term: English 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5 4LS24_step1_speaking_frame 4LS24_step2_speaking_frame 4LS24_step4_planet_hunt 4LS24_step4_speaking_frame 4LS24_step6_regroup Maths 2-1.1 to 1.5 (read) Geography 1 and 2 History 2-Additional task (optional) History 2-Fact cards (task) History 2-Information (read) Science 2 (task) RE […]

Spring 2 Week 5

Hello Year 4, I hope you are doing well. I have attached a mini guide and work for this week. I will also be posting next week’s tasks shortly. Remember to take breaks between tasks and have a morning snack to provide more energy to tackle down work. Here is your mini guide: Year 4 […]

Spring 2 Week 4

Hello Year 4, Hope you are having a good week and enjoying the rain-free days. This week we’ve been working really hard learning how to calculate fractions of amounts whilst converting units too. Next week, we will put our new fraction knowledge to the test with word problems involving fractions. We have also planned and […]

Spring 2 Week 3

Hello Year 4, We hope you are having a good week so far. We are currently learning about fractions of amounts (and not amounts of fractions 🙂 and next week we will be connecting this topic to our decimal numbers knowledge, so we need to review our multiplication tables in order to gain speed. We […]

Spring 2 Week 2

Hello year 4, This week we have been working on our fraction knowledge and next week we will be calculating fractions of amounts to help further our fraction knowledge. We have also started working on our persuasive writing and speaking, exploring features and learning to persuade others to support our views. Next week, we will […]

Spring 2 Week 1

Hello Year 4, We are back and working hard this week. We have explored free verse poems and poetic devices while re-writing our own versions. Next week, we will start working on our explanation texts. We have also worked with decimal numbers in calculations with money and explored different ways to solve problems. Next week, […]

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