"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"


Hello Year 4 and happy Friday! We have really enjoyed reading the work you have uploaded this week from the diary entry about visiting the cave of Mr. Tumnus to your great escape from boarding school – there were some very creative escapes! You have been working really hard and we are really proud of […]


Hello Year 4 and well done for completing your second week of home learning, you should be really proud of yourselves – we definitely are! We are enjoying looking through the work that you have submitted, so please do continue to upload it to the google classroom for us. Not to forget those of you […]

Autumn 2 Week 7

Hello Year 4, This week we have been really busy learning and working on our Christmas Play scene. We know it has been a bit different this year but can’t wait to see the final product! In English, we started working on our Take One Book this week, The Polar Express. We read the book […]


Good morning! This week the children have been busy rehearsing for the Christmas show,  it will look quite different this year but we aim to make it as special as ever. We have posted the song lyrics on google classroom. We have started learning about ‘riddles’ in literacy with a Christmas/winter theme, tomorrow we will […]


Hello! We have had another busy week at school and the children have been hard workers! This week in maths we are exploring problem solving including measures, applying place value and mental strategies. In literacy on Friday we will be planning our newspaper report, prior to that we will be continuing to develop the skills […]

Autumn 2 Week 2

Hello Year 4, This week, we have been learning different skills like using fronted adverbials, headings and subheadings to help organise information within a text and it will be handy when we write our newspaper reports. We are also learning more interesting facts about multiples and divisibility and we have enjoyed finding patterns within multiplication […]


Hello Year 4! We hope you had a lovely half term, are well rested and ready for a busy second half of the autumn term! This week we are starting a new topic in literacy which is writing a newspaper report, we begin by looking at examples and identifying skills needed. In maths we are […]

Autumn 1 Week 8

Hello Year 4, We have been very busy this week! We are writing our own version of the free verse poem The Magic Box, using poetic devices like repetition, alliteration, onomatopoeia and similes. We have worked hard and have written some top expanded noun phrases to add detail and make the verses more interesting. This […]


Good morning Year 4! We have started our new topic in literacy which is free verse poetry and identifying the features. We will be developing the skills needed to successfully write one next week. In maths we are recapping the formal method for addition and subtraction, discussing the regrouping that is taking place. Next week […]

Autumn 1 Week 6

Hello Year 4! We have been very busy this week learning more strategies to help us when solving addition and subtraction mentally. We have practised equal sum and equal difference and discussed lots of other methods we already new to solve addition and subtraction questions. We have also been planning and drafting our Ancient Myths […]

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