"Valuing Potential, Creating Opportunities"


Well done everyone again this week. Well done to Adria and Sienna, for all their hard work this week. Also Well done to Brodie and a special well done to John for providing us with some wonderful musical accompaniment. What a talented bunch you all are. Lorenzo has turned a fantastic starter to his Cap […]

Friday 11th December 2020

What a crazy week! We have had a visit from the local Synagogue telling us all about the festival of Hanukkah. We have made cam driven toys, created a Choose your Own adventure and made a film! Phew! Have a good weekend you deserve it.

Friday 4th December

Well its that time of year, Yuletide is drawing ever closer, and the year 5 scripts have gone home. How will the play be delivered this year? Watch this space! So don’t forget to learn your lines. Well what a set of budding journalists we have! We have been learning all about using puns to […]

Friday 27th November 2020

Hello everyone, Hope you have had a lovely week. We certainly have. We have been looking at writing newspaper reports. Here is an  extract from Zoe’s report: Child is left dangling in the dark on sabotaged Ferris Wheel. Mr. Thurston, owner of Thurston’s fair said: “Never in my forty years in the fair have I […]

Friday 6th November 2020

Hello everyone, Welcome back to school. This week for Remembrance Sunday we have been looking at the poem Whitsun Dance, which explores the absence left by the young men who went of to fight, and how keenly felt that is even decades later. The children have created some very moving pictures based on the themes […]

Friday 23rd October

Hello Everyone, Another half-term gone, and a week off to relax and recuperate. The children certainly deserve it after working so hard all week. We have had discussions around the nature of freedom. We have defied gravity – sort of, using paper palanes. We have created doric columns. We found out about The Windrush and […]

Friday 16th October

Another week gone and we’re suddenly approaching half term. Where did the time go? This week we have been looking at metaphors in our stories here is the opening to Sienna’s tale. As the sun beamed down on the flamboyant flowers the busy bees buzzed away. Then, suddenly, the pixies of England put on their […]

Friday 9th October 2020

Hello all   We have had a wonderful week of star gazing, looking at the celestial bodies both in literature and science. The Moon Her gloomy face hovers in the sky, The shimmering figure sleeps up high. In the dead of night she awakes, All the terrible dreams she takes. She stands in the beaming […]

Friday 2nd October 2020

Another exciting week at Hartsbourne.   We have been learning about decimal numbers in Maths, and looking at how to solve decimal problems. We have also been improving our language skills and looking to see how we can make our stories come alive and grab the reader, by using lots of description.   Here is […]

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