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Class Teachers: Mrs Allsopp and Mrs Durrant-Patel

Spring 2019


The children have had a busy week, they are very excited for their ‘Tea Party’. We’ve learnt about the royal family,  knights and dragons and read some stories related to these. In literacy this week we have been following instructions and sequencing them. We have also made our own sandwiches for our party. here a few photos of some of our activities over the last week. We hope you all have a lovely relaxing  half-term. 


We have had a great start to our new topic ‘Castles, Prince and Princesses’ the children have shared their knowledge and the areas they wanted to learn more about. We have learnt about castles and made our own, we have also learnt about knights and made our own shields. In literacy we have read ‘The Princess and the Pea’ and in maths we have been adding two groups together and writing addition number sentences. We are also going to be learning about The Royal Family and have our own tea party next week. In PE this week we have been putting a sequence together including rolls, jumps and balances. Next week in literacy we will be following instructions to make sandwiches.


We have had another busy week in reception, we have continued with our dinosaur topic as the children have really enjoyed it. Last week we made our own dinosaur biscuits for snack , made hand-a-saurus, dinosaur footprints and our own paper plate dinosaurs. This week in maths we have been learning about measuring we ordered everyday objects from the shortest to longest and we drew round our feel and measured them using multi-link cubes. In literacy we have read Dinosaur Roar and are making our own versions of the book. Next week we are starting our ‘Castles, Prince and Princesses’ topic. In literacy we will be reading The Princess and the Wizard and in maths we will be exploring capacity . Here are a few pictures of our work from last week.



Hello and welcome back, thank you so much for the lovely well wishes and gifts you gave us at the end of term. We started our new topic on dinosaurs last week and the children have made dinosaur fossils, eggs, bones and posters for our new role play area. In literacy we have been learning about non-fiction books, identifying facts about dinosaurs and writing labels. In maths we have been learning about 3-D shapes and their properties. Next week in literacy we will be reading Dinosaur Roar and in maths we will be measuring length. Here are a few photos of some of the activities we have completed and things we have made.

Autumn 2018


We wanted to congratulate everyone in Reception on their wonderful performance in our Christmas show last week. Their singing and dancing was excellent, well done! We’ve had an exciting first term in Reception and everyone has settled in to school life well. Thank you for all of your lovely gifts and donations that we have received over the term too. We hope you all have a wonderful break and see you in January. Few pictures of things we have made over the last week and a picture of our new reading area.


The children have been busy over the last few weeks making owls, drawing feathers and making a heart wreath from their hand prints. They were also keen to find out more about light so we looked at sources of light and we even had a go at making a circuit . We have been busy learning songs and rehearsing for our production, we look forward to seeing you all at the performance. Next week we will continue to rehearse and we will also be learning about Christmas. The children will have the opportunity to put up the class Christmas tree and learn about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. A few photos below of the activities we’ve completed.



Last week we learnt about the importance of  Remembrance Day and we made poppies for our Remembrance assembly. In literacy we talked about what we did in the half-term holiday and wrote and drew pictures, in maths we investigated addition and used tens frames to help us. We also made our own sparkler biscuits and went to the nature reserve and lit sparklers. This week we have started our new topic ‘Light and Dark’ the children have talked about what they already know and what they would like to learn over the next few weeks. In literacy this week we have read Owl babies and in maths we have continued our work on addition and started to use a numberline to help us add two small amounts together. In circle time we have been looking at what makes a good friend and how we can all help each other. Here are a few photos of some the activities we have completed. 


We have had a fantastic first half-term in Reception. The children have enjoyed exploring their new classroom and the school. We hope everyone has a restful week and we will see you all on Tuesday 6th November ready for the second half of the autumn term. Here are a few photos from some of the activities we have completed this half term. 


We have had a great few weeks exploring our Colour topic, last week we made our own Kandinsky circle prints which you can see in our classroom. We have read ‘The Dot’ and made our own art using the book as inspiration. This week we have learnt the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ orally and included actions. We have also learnt about Harvest and its importance and completed some harvest activities. Next week we will be learning about autumn and continuing to learn about 2D shapes. Here are a few photos of our Kandinsky work.



Over the last couple of weeks we have been exploring colour. We have completed some colour mixing activities, decorated our own Elmer elephants using milk bottles and tissue paper and completed the skittle experiment. Last week we also went to the nature reserve and enjoyed spending the morning there. In maths we have been looking and numbers and how we can represent those numbers and in literacy we have read Elmer and sequenced the story. We are looking forward to our trip to see How to Hide a Lion this week and the coach ride too. 

Hello and welcome to the Reception class blog. We have been really busy in Reception over the last few weeks getting to know one another and the school. Everyone has settled really well in to school life, well done Reception! We had our first PE lesson and everyone did really well getting themselves changed in and out of their PE kits.  Next week we will be starting a new topic on colour. We will be completing lots of exciting activities related to colour. Next week in literacy we will be practising writing our name and in maths we will be counting and ordering numbers to 10.