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Year 6

Friday 12th October


I’ve managed to just about wipe the cake crumbs away to show you this week’s homework:

Science Fiction Week 2

Calculation Week 3

Spellings – Week 5

It’s been another hard-working week in Year 6! In maths this week we have done a lot of work with positive and negative numbers, before moving on to learning about BODMAS and solving calculations in the correct order of operations. In science we completed an investigation about filtration, in computing we added animations and transitions to slide-shows, and in French we learned to find the gender of a noun in the dictionary, and what impact that had on the rest of the sentence. I was particularly impressed with the weird and wonderful extra-terrestrial containers and aliens which the children produced in literacy, as you can see here:

Thanks also to Friends of Hartsbourne for their seamless running of the calendar photo-shoot today, and another delicious cake sale!

Next week we will be planning, drafting, peer marking and publishing our science fiction stories in literacy, which I’m really looking forward to reading. We’ll also be rounding off our calculation unit with a lot of work on problem solving and reasoning, where hopefully the children will be able to apply all of the skills they’ve learned for the last three weeks. In science we will be learning about the ideal conditions for dissolving, in PE we will continue to compose our own gymnastics sequences, and don’t forget it’s our Harvest Assembly at 2:30pm on Friday afternoon!

Have a lovely weekend and i will see you all next week 🙂

Friday 5th October

Good afternoon!

Here is this week’s homework:

Science Fiction Week 1

Calculation Week 2

Spellings – Week 4

We have started the month with a bang and a lot of hard work, as per usual! In literacy we started a new unit on science fiction, and read an extract of ‘War of the Worlds’ by HG Wells, before comparing the text with a clip from the 2005 film and using it as inspiration to both write and role-play! In maths we have completed four tough days on multiplication and division, and I was particularly impressed by the strategies the children employed today when dividing by two digits. In science we completed an investigation into soluble and insoluble substances, in French we applied our knowledge of grammar rules to construct sentences, and in art we created some fabulous clay plaques, as you can see:

It was also great to see so many of you in red, white and blue on Thursday, raising plenty of money for three excellent causes.

Next week we will be combining sentence writing skills with creating our own aliens and extra-terrestrial containers in literacy, which I’m looking forward to seeing! We’ll also finish off our unit of work on calculation with some lessons about the order of operations and algebraic problems. In science we will be looking at filtration, in computing we will be learning to add animations and transitions to slideshows, and don’t forget about the Friends of Hartsbourne calendar photo-shoot on Friday, or the equally important cake sale which will follow it after school!

Have a relaxing weekend and I will see you all next week 🙂 

Friday 28th September


Here is this week’s homework:

Mysterious Story Starters Week 3

Calculation Week 1

Spellings – Week 3

It’s been another busy week in the world of Year 6, but this week I really felt the children were ‘in the groove’ and the acclimatisation period has come to an end. In literacy we learned about speech punctuation and added some to our mysterious story starters, which we published today. They turned out brilliantly! In maths we started a unit of calculation by working on our addition and subtraction skills, before applying them to solve a variety of reasoning problems. In PE we performed a number of different vaults under the watchful eye of Premier Sport, in computing we learned to create topic slides using Microsoft Powerpoint, and in science we created diagrams to represent reversible and irreversible changes, as you can see here:

Next week we will be starting a new unit of literacy all about science fiction, and reading an extract from HG Wells’ novel ‘War of the Worlds’. In maths we will be pressing on with our work on calculation and starting to look at efficient written methods for multiplication and division. In French we will be starting to create simple sentences using the verb ‘avoir’, in computing we will be learning to add animations and transitions to our multimedia presentations, and in art we will be experiencing using clay for the first time – don’t forget to bring an apron! Also remember it’s Red, White and Blue Day next Thursday, so I look forward to seeing all of you resplendent in the colours of our flag!

Have a chilled weekend and I will see you all next week 🙂

Friday 21st September

Good afternoon!

Here is this week’s homework:

Mysterious Story Starters Week 2

Understanding Number Week 2

Spellings – Week 2

This week in literacy we have been pushing on with our mysterious story starters, adding into them some active and passive sentences as well as some ‘tell and show’ sentences using colons and semi-colons. In maths we continued our work on number by finding common factors and multiples, before learning about prime numbers and how to find prime factors. In French we learned to conjugate the verb ‘avoir’, in history we learned how the ending of the First World War instigated a chain of events which would bring about the start of the Second, and in guided reading we wrote about memories which were both positive and negative. I found that I could particularly relate to this memory from Chloe:

Next week we will be adding some speech into our story starters and aiming to get them written up for our Learning Journeys. We’ll also be starting a new unit of maths all about calculation, as well as continuing with our gymnastics work in PE. Don’t forget that netball and art club start on Monday, coding club starts on Wednesday and house captain elections are Thursday.

Have a peaceful weekend and I will see you all next week 🙂

Friday 14th September

Welcome to Year 6!

Here is this week’s homework:

Understanding Number Week 1

Mysterious Story Starters Week 1

Spellings Week 1

Project Homework – Autumn

We had a fantastic first full week and are getting into the swing of what Year 6 is all about. In literacy we read and analysed a mysterious story starter, before writing the first draft of our own versions, which we will be adding to for the duration of this unit. In maths we have been using our place value skills to express numbers as words, identify the value of digits, order and round different numbers. In science we learned about the properties of solids, liquids and gases, in RE we learned about the story of Siddharta Gautama, and we were also lucky enough to be visited by the ‘Digital Bus’ this week, as you can see here:

Next week we will be expanding and re-drafting our story starters in literacy, as well as learning about factors, multiples and prime numbers in maths and continuing with gymnastics in PE. Don’t forget it’s also school council elections on Tuesday and house captain elections on Thursday, so get your manifestos written this weekend!

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all next week 🙂