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Year 4

27th May

Hello Year 4 families,

We have already completed week 2 and we have made lots of progress learning about how to identify the moral of a story, using fronted adverbials, finding lines of symmetry and our digestive system.

Next week we will start writing our own stories inspired by our life experiences and we will include fronted adverbials to practise our skills.

We will also continue learning more about the digestive system and how each different organ plays an important role in getting nutrients from different foods.

We hope you have a great weekend and help us gain even more speed with our times tables as we will be working with calculations and word problems next week.



23 March 2018

Hello Year 4 families,

This week we have learned about persuasive writing, multiplying/divining by ten and classification keys.

We are specially proud of our class tapestry. We created it printing all of our designs in a white canvas and it will be displayed in our class next term.

Next week we will finish working with our current units in all subjects and we will have a spelling test on Thursday.



March 2018

Hello Year 4 families,

This week we are writing our very own play scripts inspired by traditional tales. In  groups of six we have agreed who plays which characters and discussed descriptors to talk about our characters. We have written our lines and checked our work to ensure it is the very best we can do. We also get to perform our plays in the classroom and get feedback from our classmates and teachers soon! Next week we will start a new unit: persuasion.

During Maths lessons we have learnt how to add 1000, 1001, 10010 and subtract 1000 using different methods. We have also shared tips and tricks to make the process faster and easier as well as using inverse calculation and calculators to check our answers and learn from our mistakes and the process itself. Next week we will be starting a new unit: nearing.

Geography has been an interesting topic this half term as we have learnt facts about Spain to contrast with the information we discussed and presented about the United Kingdom in the last few weeks. Watching short clips, discussing pictures and using google maps are some of the ways in which we have observed and analysed use of land and changes over time amongst other things. Next half term we will start a new History unit: Viking Raids.


October 2017

I hope that you all enjoyed your half term break week. It was a short break but Year 4 pupils came back full of energy and ready to learn! It was lovely seeing you all so happy and excited to learn more.

Our Literacy unit is Newspaper Reports and children were happy to share what they already know and showed excitement when talking about how much more they are going to learn.

Our Maths unit is All About Checking Answers and children are learning to check their answers using a variety of methods as well as learning to use the inverse calculations to find out if they worked out the numbers correctly.

Our RE unit is Christmas around the World and children will share what they know as well as learn more about this holiday and how it is celebrated in other countries.




17th March

Hello Year 4 families,

I wanted to let you know what we have been up to during this week and a little about what we will do next week.

During Literacy lessons’ we read several narrative poems and talked about the language used, the techniques used by poets and the messages of the poems. We thought Matilda was quite interesting and fun to read and talk about.

During Maths lessons, we practised converting units (mass, capacity, length and time) estimated the length and capacity of some everyday objects and we worked through some word problems using different strategies.

During our History lesson, we continued learning about the Anglo-Saxons in Britain and how lots of places’ names in Britain have Anglo-Saxon origin. We also learnt about village life and how their settlements were different from Roman settlements.

Next week we will continue working on our Narrative poetry unit reading, learning, rehearsing and performing some poems. We will also learn about Statistics and how to interpret data presented in different ways. In History, we will learn a little bit more about the Anglo-Saxons’ culture and their artefacts.

As you probably know, next Friday 24th March is Red Nose Day and we will be having a special event in class during the day. Here is the link to our Comic Relief Giving page in case you want to donate, it sure is a good cause:


That’s all for now. Have a lovely weekend,

Miss R. Abeledo


10th March

Hello Year 4 families,

This was another great week as we got to finish our Persuasive writing tasks and start a new Maths unit.

During Literacy lessons we planned, drafted, proof read and peer reviewed our own persuasive texts. On Monday, we held a small debate and voted to choose a topic. The topic chosen was: Join Hartsbourne Primary School, so every pupil had to think about reasons why Hartsbourne Primary School is great and write an article to persuade readers to come to our school.

During Maths lessons, we converted Metric units (mass, capacity, length and time) and learnt to estimate the length of some everyday objects. Converting units is a bit tricky and we will continue working next week in order to become better at it. So keep up the good work and it will slowly become easier.

During our History lesson, we continued learning about the Anglo-Saxons in Britain and we now know the name of the kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon Britain and where their peoples came from.

Next week we will be starting a new unit about narrative poetry and we will continue to work with units of measurement. We will also learn a little bit more about the Anglo-Saxons.

That’s all for now. Have a lovely weekend,

Miss R. Abeledo


3rd March

Hello Year 4 families,

I hope you have enjoyed World Book Day as much as I did. You all surprised me with well thought, interesting costumes and were able to tell us a little bit about the characters you were dressed up as.

First of all, I wanted to let you now what we have been up to during this week.

  • Literacy: we have been working together through different persuasive texts to identify and understand better some punctuation and sentence rules. We have also talked about the importance of the language we use and how vocabulary can help us when we are writing a persuasive text.
  • Maths: after working through different word problems together, we have become more confident and are able to check our answers using the inverse calculation.
  • History: to continue with our topic for this half term, Anglo-Saxons, we have learnt about the fall of The Roman Empire as well as introduced some important people from this interesting topic. It is good to be able to put ourselves in their place in order to understand their motivations and how they lived.

Secondly, I wanted to let you know a little bit of what will happen next week.

  • Literacy: we will continue learning about persuasive texts and we will hold a debate to pick an issue for our writing tasks.
  • Maths: this week we will start a new unit and will be learning about different unit conversions.
  • History: we will talk about the Anglo-Saxon invasions and what motivated them to come to Britain.

Have a fantastic weekend!

See you on Monday.

Miss R. Abeledo


24th February 2017

Hello Year 4,

How was your half term break? I hope it was a good time to relax and have some quality time together. I can tell Year 4 pupils have fully recharged their batteries!

First of all, I wanted to let you know what we have been up to during this first week of the second half of Spring term.

  • Literacy: to introduce a new unit, Persuasion, we learnt what strategies are commonly used in persuasive writing. We also talked about the intention behind persuasive writing sample texts and identified the importance of the language used in this writing style, which is used in adverts, letters, etc.
  • Maths: to introduce a new unit, Multiplication and Division, we recalled facts and talked about different ways to calculate when we are struggling (pupils shared different strategies). We also practiced Rock Stars Times Tables and I noticed how pupils are becoming more confident and feeling less anxious. Good job Year 4 pupils!

Secondly, I wanted to share a sneak peek of what will be happening during this week.

  • Literacy: we will continue learning about persuasion in persuasive writing. We will review punctuation and grammar we already know about and introduce some new rules to help us become better writers.
  • Maths: we will continue learning about multiplication and division, practicing mental multiplication as well as solving word problems.
  • Science: we will start a new unit, Electricity, and learn about types of electricity. We will also talk about appliances that run on electricity around the house and school.

Last but not least, we will celebrate World Book Day this Thursday 2nd March … don’t tell me what character you are coming as, I want to guess it!

See you on Monday.

Miss R. Abeledo


Welcome to Year 4 – Miss Abeledo

Hello Year 4 pupils and families!

I hope you are having a great week. I thought I would tell you what we have been up to this past few weeks.

During our Literacy lessons we have learnt all about play scripts. We now know how important each feature of a play script really is and understand the necessity of including not just character names but also directions within speech, settings and many more things! We acted out a scene prepared by the pupils in groups without a script and figured out first hand why play scripts include loads of information and not just speech. Then we wrote the play scripts with all the improvements and suggestions made during the groups’ reviews.

Currently we are learning about story settings, the difference between a story setting and a play script setting the scene text and how important it is to describe where the story is happening, when, how and many more things!. We are also learning about fronted adverbials and how they can help us when writing a story setting. Next will we will be finish writing our story settings inspired by pictures!

During our Maths lessons we are learning lots of interesting things, like checking our own answers by using the inverse calculation in order to know if we got it right! We are also learning about decimal numbers and fractions and what we used them for. Next week We will be learning about fraction equivalences.